The Spring Vibes lotus drink is a beautiful blend of strawberry, banana, coconut, white lotus, and blue lotus

Divide 1.5 pumps (1/2oz) White Lotus between two 16oz cups

In a third 16oz cup add 1.5 pumps (1/2oz) Blue Lotus

In one of cups with White Lotus add 1 pump (1/4oz) DaVinci Banana syrup

In the other cup with White Lotus add 1 pump (1/4oz) Torani Strawberry syrup

In the cup with Blue Lotus add 1 pump (1/4oz) Torani Coconut syrup

In each cup pour 2oz club soda Each cup will be poured into another cup filled with ice This creates the beautiful pastel layering 

Layer the lotus by adding ice to a cup Pour in the red layer, followed by the yellow layer, finally the blue lotus layer on top Make sure you are pouring carefully to avoid mixing the layers together

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